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Book Travel Advertisements in Newspaper

With the advent of the digital age and social media dominating our lives, individuals are more exposed to different travel locations. We see our friends, family, influencers, and celebrities traveling to different locations and we feel the urge to explore those places on our own. Which in turn increases the demand for different travel agencies in the market. This competition creates a situation where you need to create market awareness and a competitive edge in the market. What best can work here other than a Newspaper? Newspapers have a vast reach to the mass audience who can be targeted at once, thus online travel advertisement booking in Newspapers will eventually fortify the market presence of your Travel business.

There are various types of Travel Ads which can be published by our Travel Agency Newspaper Advertisement, such as;

  • Foreign Tours and Visa Ads
  • Tour And Travels Ads
  • Bus Agency Ads
  • Car Rentals Ads
  • Guest Accommodation Ads
  • Hotel And Resorts Ads
  • Tour Package Ads
  • Local Destination
  • Honeymoon Travel Ads

Why Should We Book Travel Advertisements in the Newspaper?

Travel Ads in the newspaper can target specific demography by providing information related to tours and travel, offers on ticket booking, hotels, and resorts, Tour packages, car rentals, bus rentals, etc. to interested personnel. Being one of the oldest modes of advertisement, it has a larger customer base and can grab the attention of a higher number of people who are looking to travel from one place to another place. Start booking your travel ad through BuyMediaSpace to get your ad placed in the top newspaper in India at the lowest rate.

Types Of Travel Classified Advertisements in a Newspaper

  • Text Classified Travel Ads

Text classified Travel Ads in Newspapers are simple running text ads placed in one of the predefined and particular sections of a newspaper. In this category of Ads, simple text is presented with various color combinations, font styles and, box formats within a column. The newspaper travel classified ads are cost-effective in nature and charged as per line/character/words.

  • Display classified Travel Ads

Display classified Travel Ads in Newspaper are formed using text, photographs, logos, maps, and other informational items which further provide a visual appeal to the consumers. The newspaper travel display ads are cost-effective in nature and charged as per square cms/column cms.

Example Of Travel Advertisements In Newspaper
  • IMMIGRATION to Australia! For IT Professionals and Engineers. By Authorised Agents of Australian Govt. Phone: 080-41320021 to 26 enquiries@mm*********

  • HAMSA Travels Mysore Drop Rs 1950/- Madikeri Drop Rs 3700/- Wynaad Drop Rs 4200/- Ooty Drop Rs 4500/-. All Prices applicable for Hatchback We do all kinds of Package 24X7 +91 98**********

  • 27/5 ANDAMAN Tour by Flight 5n6d Ex BLR. AC Rooms, Sightseeing in AC Cab. Food, Entrance, Ferry Charges, discounted price valid till 16/5: 9/6, 22/9, 6/10 MukthinathYatra by Flight in 6 Days: 7/9, 2/10 Chardham yatra with 5 Prayagas; 3/10 BadrikedarYatra with 5 Prayagas, 14/7, AmamathYatra, 6/7 Navajyothirlionayatra: 13/9; 7/10 Srilankayatra Rooms, Bus, Veg Food Sree Travels, ph: 080-*********

  • IRCTC'S PACKAGE Tour By Air from Bengaluru TO Delhi- Haridwar- Mussoorie- Dehradun On 11 MAY Rs. 29,373/- (6 days) Includes Air Fare, AC Hotel Accommodation, Food, AC Vehicles For, TEL: 080-********.

How To Book Travel Ads in Newspaper instantly online via Buymediaspace

Booking a travel ad in a newspaper through Buymedispace can simplify the process and ensure that your travel ad is placed accurately and efficiently. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to book your travel ad:

  1. Click the Link here: https://www.buymediaspace.com/newspaper-advertising/category/travel
  2. Choose your City: Start by selecting the city where you want to advertise your travel. This ensures that your ad reaches the right audience in the desired location
  3. Select the Newspaper: Review the Ad Rates and Circulation details of the various newspapers available. Then, choose the newspaper that aligns with your requirements for publishing the travel Ad.
  4. Pick a Publication Date: Select the date on which you want your travel Ad to be published in the newspaper. You can also select single or multiple travel ad options.
  5. Compose the travel Advertisement: Write a compelling and effective travel Ad specifically tailored for the newspaper. Upload all relevant documents online along with the ad.
  6. Check for any errors, ensure that all the necessary information needed for the travel advertisement is included accurately, and verify the layout before submitting.
  7. Make the Payment: The agency will provide you with a rate card for booking the travel Ad. Buymediaspace offers a range of Online and Offline payment options to suit your convenience.

Why Choose Buymediaspace to Book Travel Ads in Newspapers?

  1. Easy-to-use online platform: Make your entire travel ad booking process easier with the incredibly user-friendly platform of Buymediaspace, where you can quickly book Classified and Display travel advertisements in all the popular newspapers across India.
  2. Affordable Rates for Travel Ads: We offer the lowest rates for booking travel ads in every newspaper. Buymediaspace negotiates with newspapers on your behalf, ensuring that you get the best rates for your travel advertisements.
  3. Exclusive Travel Ad Offers: Don't miss out on saving money while publishing your travel ad. We stay up-to-date with the latest offers and packages extended by the newspapers.
  4. Expert guidance and customization: The agency has a team of experienced professionals who can provide expert guidance and customized advertising solutions tailored to your specific travel ad requirements.
  5. Choose from 100+ Newspapers: Reach a wider audience by choosing from a list of over 100 newspapers to book your travel classified ad.
  6. Multiple Payment Options: Enjoy the convenience of various payment options, including Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and Net Banking. Offline payments can be made through Cash, Cheque, or NEFT transfer.
  7. Dedicated Customer Support: Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you throughout the travel ad booking process. Reach us through Live Chat, Phone, or Email to address any queries or concerns.

How can we help you with Travel Advertisements in Newspapers?

BuyMediaSpace is India's leading marketing and advertising agency for all offline advertising campaigns, with over 22 years of industry experience. We simplify and streamline media planning, buying, and execution to ease the process. We are associated with all major newspapers and media houses in India and provide a cost-effective and seamless experience to our clients. We understand the importance of Branding and advertising very well & provide you with creative tailor-made solutions for Travel Advertisements, helping you present your best self to potential customers and building an edge against your competitors.

For further details;
Mail us: support@buymediaspace.com
Contact us: 63602 14181

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