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Book Entertainment Advertisements in Newspapers

Entertainment Advertisements includes a number of subcategories such as Movie Promotion ads, Song Promotion ads, Trailer Announcements, Web/ TV Series announcement, and so on. Entertainment Ads in Newspapers are published by a number of lifestyle and fitness establishments such as beauty parlors, spas, salons, massage parlors, herbal salons, and friendship and health clubs to announce their events and services.

Newspapers can be strategically chosen based on geographical preferences, languages, class, a section of society, etc. For e.g. The Times of India and The Economic Times are mostly read by corporates, entrepreneurs, and working professionals, hence releasing an Entertainment Ad in such Newspapers will attract the attention of professionals and the working section of the masses. Similarly, by placing an advert in newspapers like Hindustan, and Dainik Jagran, Entertainment advertising agencies can target housewives and senior citizens.

Why Should We Book Entertainment Advertisements in Newspaper?

Advertisements in newspapers offer a lot of diversity and reach to masses at once. Releasing Entertainment Advertisements in newspapers immensely benefits entertainment providers such as magicians, circus artists, drama artists, and music bands to create awareness about their upcoming events and increase footfall. The entertainment advertising rates in India are very low thus publishing Entertainment Ads in newspapers will help entertainment providers easily market their services and gain high ROI. If you are still confused about where to book Entertainment Advertisements for mass reach and effective results, reach out to BuyMediaSpace, one of the most trusted Entertainment Advertising Agencies.

Types of Entertainment Advertisements

  • Text Classified Entertainment Ads
    Text Classified Entertainment Ads in the Newspaper are simple running text ads placed in one of the predefined and particular sections of a newspaper. In this category of ads, simple text is presented with various color combinations, font styles, and box formats within a column. Entertainment classified ads rates are cost-effective in nature and charged as per line/character/words.
  • Display classified entertainment ads
    Display Classified Entertainment Ads in the Newspaper are formed using text, photographs, logos, maps, and other informational items which further provide a visual appeal to the consumers. Entertainment display ads rates are cost-effective in nature and charged as per square cms/column cms.

Examples of Entertainment Advertising in Newspaper

MEET, make new friends, enjoy fulfilled parties, get together, visit office No bank Deposit, www.internationalcontacts.net

How To Book Entertainment Ads in Newspaper online via BuyMediaSpace

  1. Visit https://www.buymediaspace.com/newspaper-advertising/category/entertainment
  2. Select the newspaper of your choice and/or choose the publishing city in which you want to release your Ad.
  3. Select single/multiple Ad options
  4. Compose your Ad online and upload all relevant documents if needed.
  5. Schedule your ad by selecting dates and Making the Payment.

How can we help you with Entertainment Advertisements in Newspapers?

BuyMediaSpace is India's leading marketing and advertising agency for all offline advertising campaigns, with over 22 years of industry experience. We simplify and streamline media planning, buying, and execution to ease the process. We are associated with all major newspapers and media houses in India and provide a cost-effective and seamless experience to our clients. We understand the importance of Branding and advertising very well & provide you with creative tailor-made solutions for Entertainment Advertisements, helping you present your best self to potential customers and building an edge against your competitors.

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